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Making Your Medical Aid Work For You

Medical Aid is complicated, easily misunderstood and a costly error when things go wrong. MMT Consulting cuts through the fog, simplifies the small print, and offers a personalised expert service for you or your staff. 

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About Us

Established 2004

MMT Consulting is an exclusively women-owned business which offers healthcare strategies and solutions to businesses and their employees. With more than 14 years of experience in the healthcare and financial sectors, the staff at MMT Consulting are more than able to assist companies in choosing and maintaining suitable, practical and holistic healthcare packages.

Specialised Services

MMT Consulting offers comprehensive services that range from investigating healthcare needs to setting up and managing healthcare plans for all our clients. Let us provide you or your business with ongoing support and service absolutely FREE of charge

Making Your Medical Aid Work For You

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Let us manage your personal or business Medical Aid.  We offer FREE  ongoing support and a personalised expert service.